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Aug 31st, 2018 Comments Off on Small Online Retailers Worried About Internet Sales Tax

Small Online Retailers Worried About Internet Sales Tax

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Many homeowners grow orchids in their garden because it has a calming influence that relives stress. In Asia, businessmen usually send a bouquet of orchids to their clients instead of traditional company gifts because of the belief that orchids can bring good luck to the recipient. However, if you are in the Western countries like United States you have to search the internet for orchid suppliers because it is very difficult to grow orchids in a cold climate.

However, will the latest news on the imposition of internet sales tax affect importation of flowers from Asia? Many small business owners and supporters of federalism were disappointed by the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Wayfair vs. South Dakota. The decision can open doors for the imposition of internet sales tax even on businesses that have no physical stores in their borders.

Since Congress is vested with the constitutional authority to regulate interstate tax, it is making the effort to address this newfound taxing authority. This is an opportunity for Congress to protect small businesses from taxes. Congress can delay the process until a long term solution has been explored.

Before the Supreme Court decision, retailers were only required by law to collect and remit state sales taxes if they have a storefront, warehouse or factory in the state. However, online home-goods retailer Wayfair and two other large online retailers have earned millions of dollars from selling to South Dakotan businesses.

South Dakota is arguing that the state is missing out from the revenue generated through online transactions even if the retailers have no physical presence in the state. The recent court decision is a precedent that will expose millions of small online retailers to taxes. Many small businesses are concerned about the recent developments because it may be the beginning of taxes for online retailers.

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