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Nov 23rd, 2018 Comments Off on Nothing To Worry About The Safety Of Hotel Shared Wi-Fi

Nothing To Worry About The Safety Of Hotel Shared Wi-Fi

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When you travel, you go from airport to airport until you reach your hotel. It is very likely that you are wondering whether you can trust the Wi-Fi in the airport or the hotel near Night Market Ratchada that has been generous in providing internet access. A couple of years ago, the answer will be a big NO but today, it is OK to sign in to the shared Wi-Fi network.

If an individual plans to commit a crime online at the Holiday Inn Express, he’d better take the necessary precautionary steps because the authorities can get to him easily. A high value target of a nation or state must stay off public Wi-Fi at all costs because of sophisticated technology employed by countries.

For common tourists, it is alright to use pubic Wi-Fi. Although airports and hotels do not necessarily have secured networks, the web itself has become quite safe. The previous risks that stop people from using public Wi-Fi are now gone. According to Chet Wisniewski, principal researcher at security firm Sophos, in the past nothing in the internet was encrypted and signing on the public Wi-Fi networks exposes an individual to various attacks from hackers.

Those efforts that trick people to enter their passwords, credit card information and more on fake websites are still technically possible but no longer effective because of the advent of HTTPS. There is a little lock symbol on the left of the URL bar on the browser. This means that traffic to the website is encryptedin transit from wired servers to the browser and back.

Encryption is called Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the “S” meaning secure. HTTPS eliminates most of the attacks that used to make the public Wi-Fi scary. In the United States, the web is well encrypted and risks of using public Wi-Fi have dramatically dropped.

Aside from free Wi-Fi on all the rooms, the hotel near Night Market Ratchada offers airport transfers and limousine services to guests. The reception desk, concierge and room service are open 24/7 and available immediately upon request. A lavish breakfast with Thai and international favourites awaits guests every morning.

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